GFP Ep. 37 – The Library, Take 2, Scar, Part 4, The Deep Sea

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What the heck is “Garage Fiction”?

Since January 2015, three writers (Nicholas Brack,
Dogwood Daniels & Jinn Zhong) have committed to
writing a flash fiction or scene each and every week based on a “creative prompt”. We post our work on
Fridays at each of our respective websites and dissect them together on Mondays via podcast.
We also end up chatting about the craft of writing, the creative process, storytelling and other related tangents.

This week’s Garage Fiction prompt was provided by Jinn Zhong…
A panel from New Avengers Issue #21 released in August 2006
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencilled by Howard Chaykin
This issue was a part of the 2006 Civil War crossover

Here’s what it inspired this week:
• Nicholas wrote The Library, Take 2
• Dogwood wrote Scar, Part 4
• Jinn wrote The Deep Sea

Brandon Sanderson’ Course
The Greatest Thing in The World by Flannery O’ Connor
The Geranium by Norman Mailer
Defiance directed by Edward Zwick, starring Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber

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